Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies is an in depth study and application of the Bible. Professors seek to establish students' understanding of the Bible and move them from learning to doing. Early in the curriculum students are given the necessary background and skills to interpret the Bible as the inspired, infallible Word of God.

Students will explore the most current research and discover today's most relevant information about the Bible. Professors encourage students to investigate the Biblical text for themselves as the source of their doctrine and guide for life.

A degree in biblical studies is designed in the Christian liberal arts tradition giving students a broader range of study and career possibilities. Students who earn this Bible degree can go into ministry positions that includes pastoring, working with youth or children, counselors, therapists, teachers or missionaries. Belhaven also offers an Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies as well as a Certificate in Biblical Studies.



Curriculum Summary

Course # Course Name Credits
BIB303 Pentateuch 3
BIB307 Old Testament Historical & Poetical Books 3
BIB308 Old Testament Prophetic Books 3
BIB310 Life and Teachings of Jesus 3
BIB311 Acts and Paul 3
BIB317 Hebrews to Revelation 3
BIB341 Doctrines & Practical Implications 3
BIB350 Nature and Purpose of the Church 3
BIB360 Global Social Responsibility 3
BIB408 Global Perspectives 3
BIB417 Teaching the Bible 3
BIB441 Internship 3
WVC401 Kingdom Life 3
Core 39
General Ed 40
Electives 45
Total 124