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Bachelor of Health Administration


The Bachelor of Health Administration degree at Belhaven University, is designed to integrate a foundation of general education with health administration theory, and practice the expertise that prepares graduates for management positions in health administration. 

The BHA curriculum addresses the basic body of knowledge, understanding, and skills identified as relevant to health administration:

Curriculum Summary

Bachelor of Health Administration Curriculum Summary
Course # Title Credits Weeks
BUS301 Advanced Learning Applications 3 5
BBA310 Management Information Systems 3 5
BBA412 Organizational Behavior 3 5
BUS414 Business Law 3 6
BHA315 Healthcare Organizations in the US 3 5
BSM325 Intro to Management Decision-Making 3 5
BSM392 Business Research Methods 3 6
BHA402 Ethics in Health Administration 3 5
BUS362 Human Resources 3 5
BHA326 Healthcare Quality Mgmt and Outcomes Analysis 3 5
BHA411 Healthcare Marketing 3 5
BSM415 Entrepreneurship 3 5
BUS360 Operations Management 3 5
BSM370 Accounting for Managers 3 5
BSM425 Marketplace Economics 3 6
BHA401 Financial Administration of Healthcare 3 5
BUS419 Business Policy 3 6
WVC401 Kingdom Life: Family and Workplace 3 5
Core   54 94
General Ed   45  
Electives   25  
Total   124  

Course Descriptions

See University Catalogue for Bachelor of Health Administration course descriptions.

Admission Information

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