Bachelor of Business Administration

The Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) at Belhaven University, formerly Belhaven College, prepares students for entry-level management positions and provides a course of study for adults who wish to enhance their professional and managerial skills. Students are required to meet for class once a week, and participate in project team activities designed to enhance the learning process and development of problem-solving skills. Project team activities are monitored by professors.



The Bachelor of Business Administration program incorporates the development of the adult student's exposure to human problems and personal values, with a well-planned curriculum, which integrates advanced cognitive skills, awareness of self and others, and social and interpersonal skills, all through a Christian worldview.

Certain required courses within the business degree program, form the theoretical and practical framework adults need to succeed in increasingly responsible leadership roles within their professional and personal organizations. The Bachelor of Business Administration encourages students to achieve the following educational objectives:

  • Apply critical thinking and reasoning skills to identify problems and to develop problem-solving abilities.
  • Develop their potential, enabling them to face the future with confidence and determination.
  • Facilitate spiritual growth and examine personal and corporate values and behavior from a Christian worldview.
  • Facilitate social development and effectiveness in interpersonal relationships through development of a Christian worldview and constructive attitudes toward work, other people, and the quality of life.
  • Prepare for leadership and service in their vocations.
  • Develop written communication skills.
  • Develop oral communication skills.
  • Foster and promote a sense of biblical worldview ethics and values to be applied in their personal and professional lives.
  • Understand the functional components of business - economics, marketing, accounting, finance, law, management.
  • Apply theoretical knowledge to solve real-life problems through teamwork within the context of an active learning environment.

Curriculum Summary

Course # Course Name Credits
BBA 302 Business Foundations 3
BUS 304 Business Communication 3
BUS 309 Business Computer Applications 3
BBA 320 Financial Accounting 3
BUS 412 Organizational Behavior 3
BUS 360 Operations Management 3
MAT 345 Math for Business & Economics 3
BUS 326 Principles of Management 3
ECO 407 Economics 3
BUS 414 Business Law 3
BUS 418 Business Ethics 3
BUS 420 International Business 3
BUS 320 Introduction to Marketing 3
BBA 321 Administrative Accounting 3
BUS 363 Business Finance 3
BUS 419 Business Policy 3
WVC 401 Kingdom Life 3
Core 51
General Ed 40
Electives 33
Total 124